Driven Senior Devops Software Engineer. Full stack developer background and over 8 years in DevOps roles. Software developer for over 10+ years. Excellent fusion of software development and software operations. Well placed to build high quality, large-scale, reusable — infrastructure as code. Vast experience across a variety of different projects, within medium to large organisations, including transformations and migration projects.

Specialise in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Large scale infrastructure automation and configuration management Excellent git, team workflow & agile knowledge/experience Docker & container experience


  • AWS
  • VPC, EC2, ECS, RDS, ELB, S3, Route53, Cloudformation, Lambda, Glacier, Cloudwatch, SQS, SES, SNS, Database Migration Service, Elasticache, Cloudtrail, Opsworks, CodeDeploy, Lightsail, IAM, WAF & Shield, DynamoDB, Directory Service
  • Google Cloud: Kubernetes, VM, Container, Load Balancing.

Tools: Puppet, Ansible Automation, Python, Cloudformation, Troposphere, Terraform, Consul, Jenkins, CodeDeploy, CircleCI Linux: Ubuntu, CentOS, OSx