The new year

January 13, 2013

As 2013 gets well underway I took a quiet minute to reflect on the year gone by and all that lays ahead in 2013.


2012 was a roller coaster year, full of some tremendous highs and the lowest lows - by all accounts it was an interesting one.

In business I guided my company Bytewire Ltd to it's most successful year to date, gaining more clients and generating more revenue than any previous year. Alot of big wins we're made and alot of lessons learnt. With long hours and much effort we managed to turn around alot of projects for a very small team and all the while improve my own coding ten fold. I learnt new languages, played around with new techniques, built out my own servers, and got to grips with more than one E-commerce platform.

Personally 2012 taught me alot about myself and what i'm capable of if I just remain dedicated, hard working and driven. There is alot to be said of those that grab each day by the reigns.

A couple of important lessons i've learnt this year:

  • Life's too short
  • Change is good
  • Be a little selfish when it comes to your development and career, push for what you want!
  • Don't let people play your ideas down, be heard, but equally listen to the opinions of others just as you wish yours.


2013 holds alot in store for me personally and i'm excited about the challenges it will present. I'm looking forward to moving out from my parents place, getting fully back into football (after lengthy time out with a broken leg) and getting to new places around the world on holiday. All the while i'm as always excited by the prospect of new creative and interesting projects that both challenge and push my professional abilities.

This years all about reading more and learning more - particularly looking forward to getting into mobile at the end of the month.

2013's bucket list

  • Sky dive
  • Fly somewhere further than 6 hours away
  • Go boarding (not been since broke my leg)
  • Volunteer for an animal charity
  • Be a film extra

I'm all set to make 2013 my bitch. So...until next year folks...have a great year.

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