I released Topmmorpg100 an MMORPG Topsite

April 09, 2012

Over the last few months as a bit of a side project I have been developing and building topmmorpg100.com - an online MMORPG, MMO & Browser based gaming topsite voting site.

Game developers and game owners can list their games on topmmorpg100.com for free and encourage their users to vote for them on it. They can make use of our industry leading API's which provide developers with everything they need to make a successful job of incentivising voting for their players. Our API's will do such things as callback your API URL when a vote is successfully processed with the playerID you pass to us in the voting process.

It'll even allow you to verify a userID or IP Address has voted for your game.

Topmmorpg100.com is looking for some more game owners to join, currently they are offering 100 free votes and 1 month free Gold membership to the next 5 sites that join up.

It's certainly a very good MMORPG & Gaming voting site and is feature rich and well coded.

Come check out my hard work here if you like it, be sure to drop me a comment or buy me a beer sometime. Also if you have any improvements you'd like to see drop them here as well.

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