Here's to my new theme

July 25, 2012

As many of you will know when thinking about making your own portfolio website - it's difficult to choose a theme and a concept or even make one that reflects you. I had the same problem, trust me.

One thing that really helped me get over this hurdle and get focused was looking at the problem I wanted it to solve, which for me was - creating a place for me to share my online life with others, and creating a place for me to continue to reference for years to come.

I realised that what I actually wanted it to be is a place for me, not a place for others to come and see me, in doing so I hope it will be mildly more interesting to the onlooker as it should now not only be a reflection of my thoughts / trials / tribulations but also reflects me and my personality.

Ultimately I decided that I needed this redesign to enable me to share various different types of media forms on my own blog. Formats such as tweets, blog posts, spotify embeds, pictures and links have all been taken into consideration.

Although i'm not quite done yet, i'm happy with the initial improvements (particularly the whizzy spinny logo, made purely in CSS3, nifty eh?).

For those interested:

The site is still backed by Wordpress & HTML5 boilerplate.

I plan on making some more additions to the site in the near future.

About me

Hello! I'm David Heward, how are you going? I'm a Senior Devops/Build Engineer, specialising in AWS & Cloud Automation. Based in London. Strong 10+ year background in Software development. Have a read of my blog. Have a look at some of my working projects. Contact me at @davehewy or on Linkedin.