UK Government should practise top down innovation

December 01, 2011

I was thinking about this last night and it occurred to me that really our government does not practise innovation itself. Long gone are the days where the government used its own resources to better itself, instead they repeatedly get taken to the highway by medium / large businesses, and quite frankly have their pants pulled down. Business is business, but at times it seems like the government should be running itself as a more stringently run organisation, even dare I say it, as a normal business. If it's cheaper to build a project team and do the project yourself, bloody well do it. Even such things as building railways. Pay an architect top wack and then run the labour as a business on a budget. Don't get taken to the highway by a firm who say they can do the lot for huge amounts of extra money. Most shocking of all is most of these medium / large businesses will charge above normal rates to do something for their own country. Wheres the pride in that! There's no pride anymore, no unison, no belief.

Government believes they have no bargaining power nor alternative so in alot of cases they ignore or pay up. I think the public should be involved in balleting for what the people want. I don't want some toffee nosed tosser who drives his jag/merc/bentley into central london to work. Then claims it all back on expenses, which we indadvertedly pay for, deciding what the majority of people in this country need. We as the people who pay the taxes should have our say as to what gets done and what doesn't. Even a more informative online portal showing more transparency over what they've paid for what projects and why etc would be a great start.

Whats happened to the days of a proud Britain, a united Britain. Long gone in my opinion.

PS I don't pretend to know anything about the above, I just like to rant.

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