PHP Weighted Random Choice & Selection Remove / Replacement

October 20, 2010

For something I have been doing in a php project of late, I needed to weight an array of values and as I go round and select the values remove the value or -1 from the weight depending on how many of the value are left in the weight.

If you have any improvements or suggestions then id very much like to here them :-)

$starttime = microtime(); $startarray = explode(” ”, $starttime); $starttime = $startarray[1] + $startarray[0];


  • weighted_random()
  • Pick a random item based on weights.
  • *
  • @param array $values Array of elements to choose from
  • @param array $weights An array of weights. Weight must be a positive number.
  • @return mixed Selected element. */ function weightedrandom($values, $weights){ $count = count($values); $i = 0; $n = 0; $num = mtrand(0, array_sum($weights)); while($i < $count){ $n += $weights[$i]; if($n >= $num){ break; } $i++; } return $i; }

    function recalc($val,$values,$weight){

    //two steps to consider here, -1 from the weight and if the weight is &lt;=0 unset both the value and the weight.
    	$new_values = array();
    	$new_weight = array();
    	foreach($values as $k=&gt;$v){
    	return array($new_values,$new_weight);
    	return array($values,$weight);


    //in the context of what im doing lets get this right.

    $values = array(0=>“164-2”,1=>“164-1”,2=>“2-2”); $weights = array(0=>1,1=>2,2=>1);

    //now we wanna select 4 values but edit them as we go round.

    $find = 3;


    $val = weighted_random($values,$weights);
    echo $val.'  |  ';
    echo $values[$val].'<br/>';
    list($values,$weights) = recalc($val,$values,$weights);


    echo ‘The new weights are ’; print_r($weights); echo ’

    $endtime = microtime(); $endarray = explode(” ”, $endtime); $endtime = $endarray[1] + $endarray[0]; $totaltime = $endtime - $starttime; $totaltime = $totaltime; echo “This page loaded in $totaltime seconds.“;


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