Opening Up For Advice

September 15, 2010

Over the last year I've been constantly if not more than constantly trying to ask myself, are we doing things the right way?

There are a million and one different ways to accomplish some of the tasks we undertake on a day to day basis.

Preferences are always going to change and perhaps there is not one best method of practise at all.

Im trying to open myself up here to ask anyone in the context of my company and I, what the next step could be.

We build lots of text based games, driven by simple php and mysql, php = mixture of functions and classes. I generally don't like the idea of php frameworks for use with game design of this type, as games quickly grow code base hugely and you get the annoyingness of extra overheads in load time. However im very much open to new ideas as to how we could improve code. Maybe a new language, or maybe a different approach.

I wondered really if anyone out there has built a complex game on anything other than there own custom php code and mysql (obviously in the context of text based, browser based games and improving on php).

Also we do alot of client work, nice designs, baskets and checkouts all the usual stuff. Does anyone use a particular framework for similar things and found its really good? We spend far too much time repetitively coding things like checkouts and baskets for each customer.

Ideally its all about taking things up a notch and what could improve what we do.

I'd also like to know if anyone uses any particularly good checkout bundles or companies, to manage all there payments really easily. Ours is very disjointed atm. With payments for different sources ie mobile, card etc all being taken by different companies.

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