Do's and do nots of business websites

September 17, 2010

Earlier today I decided to have a little think about what makes a business website great and what, well, really doesn't! The very first thing I thought was it's, making a wonderful looking website, so wonderful infact that all your clients will immediately be like woah these guys really have talent, I want my site designed by them. Essentially this is a good way of thinking or at least the correct mindset. I'm sure that, I'm not alone in thinking this! However, there's a little more to a wonderful website than it's cover. As the sayings go "beauty is only skin deep" & "you cant judge a book by its cover".

So what really does make a wonderful, purpose serving business website? Good question.

Here are some Do's and Do Not's from my own personal experience and view.


  • Do make your new site look really eye catching, but more importantly remember the user experience. Don't make it so eye catching and out there that the average client or onlooker is immediately put off, and won't bother to find the information they want. Make sure navigation remains simple, nice menus rather than hidden buttons and links. Remember if you look at alot of the most successful websites used by the biggest base of users out there, most of them won't have any massively out there or exciting UI. They will all have basic, easy to remember, easy to use UI and thats important to remember! Users are thickle and generally make there mind up about a site in the first minute of being on it.
  • Do make sure you don't hide important information behind too many pages of link depth, users will not want to siv through to much stuff to get to what they want.
  • Do make sure you don't forget thats its all very well having a nice new site that utilises jQuery or other javascript language to minimise the amount of pages you have in your website, but remember the consequences of doing so. Less content to be ranked, less pages to be indexed and altogether less chance of search engines picking up your site well (this particuarly applies to small businesses, intending to rely on search engine traffic to drive business).
  • Do make your unique selling points readily available.

Do Not's

  • Do not Hide important information about who you are behind, to tricky or clever UI.
  • Do not hide information that you want a client to see at all, make sure they are confronted as early as possible with the information.
  • Do not make UI's to clever, that anyone but the designer will struggle to know what to do.
  • Do not make the entire website based on one page (if you wish to rank well for numerous things in search engines).
  • Do not play any annoying sounds on load of your homepage or any other page, a customer who is confronted with loud sound all of a sudden is likely to first port of call close the browser window, that plus its just plain annoying.
  • Do not bury contact forms and ways to get a quote behind a form asking for an information overload, carefully design it so that you get exactly what you need to a minimum.

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