Street Crime - Free Online Mmorpg Gangster Game

May 28, 2009

[caption id="attachment_127" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Street Crime - Online Gangster Game"]Street Crime - Free Online Gangster Game[/caption]

Street Crime is my companies established online mmorpg gangster game. You take up the role of a young gangster in the busy streets of 8 of the largest cities in the world, with one aim, one mission and one goal:- To rule the streets in whatever way you see fit, impose your beliefs upon others or influence others with your ideology. Most of all earn respect or take it.

So whats it all about

Its all about an exciting and extremely addictive gangster mmorpg role playing game. Work your way up to a world renowned Ganglord battling for dominance and survival with hundreds of other gangsters. Power, money, casinos, violence and greed play huge roles in the journey through the very unique and in depth set of featues.  You can gamble at the casinos, pimp your prostitutes, traffic drugs, pull jobs, find items, do organised crimes, do drivebys, play poker, edit your character, do missions, steal vehicles, build up your own plot of land, pimp your vehicles and most of all become part of a commuity that cares.

Whats just around the corner?

If your a hardcore fan of Street Crime, youll know exactly what it is! For everyone else theres "mastercard".........okay, okay only kidding for everyone else.........ill have to tell you. For 3-4 months now we have been hard at work developing a fantastic new version of Street Crime. We are now beginning to draw to a close with the development and edge ever nearer to releasing it and if I dont say so myself its brillliiiaannnnnntttt!

Whats new?

Well just about everything has changed, we recoded the whole game from the ground right back up to the top and then some. Whats new? Simply in one word? Everything! Heres a short list of new features without trying to give too much away:

  1. New inside and outside templates with unique and custom design
  2. New inside template which is designed uniquely to work like a application (and boy is it a step up from the old street crime) icorporating a facebook style chat and friend search.
  3. All new programming and code making it a seemless experience.
  4. Tons of new features, Jobs, Plot, New cities, Poker, new gambling tables, mugging and really loads and loads more.
  5. Most of all street crime is now going to be free to play! hooray!

Game Stats

Total signups: 4,698
Free to play: YES


Street Crime looks set to lead the way in online mmorpg gangster gaming with its massive investment of time, expertise and dedicated team behind it, we can all look forward to the release and wait to see if the outcome is as good as this review!

Its a really exciting time for all of us here at Bytewire as the next few weeks unfold we will be telling you more and more about the game and what to expect and most important when it is launched.

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